About Us

Pilot in command

Kevin Doherty


In his encore career as a drone pilot, Kevin has a myriad of strengths, skills and experiences which all contribute to his strong aptitude in visual framing and remote piloting.

As a boy an interest in aerial technology was spawned when attending his father’s launches of 300 ft balloons carrying a 500 pound explosive payload to an altitude of 20 miles for blast wave studies.


More recently, intrigued by the extreme drone footage of the last Volvo Ocean Race, it was shortly thereafter that he began the transition to drone services.

Always drawn to the technical, his path has included engineering, design, and computer science.

A Civil Engineer, a Sail Designer, a Systems Analyst, and now an sUAS Remote Pilot, Kevin’s qualifications and passions continue to contribute to a lifetime of rewarding experience.

Kevin is a fully licensed FAA Part 107 Certified Pilot with an ever expanding flight log.

Based out of Northern Rhode Island, Above It All (AiA) is fully insured and caters primarily to the New England market.

The primary UAV used by AiA is an FAA Registered DJI Air 2S.  One of DJI’s newest additions to the Mavic series the Air 2S features a 1-inch CMOS sensor, video at up to 5.4K quality, robust safety features, obstacle detection and avoidance, and powerful autonomous functions.

the pilot's point of view